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   Br. Yahiya Emerick has been a prolific author and has written many articles that have been published in local as well as national magazines, both in North America and abroad.  This page will provide a listing of many of those articles.

    Not all of them will bear directly on education, rather, they will stimulate a person's thoughts in the direction of self-realization and taqwa.  This section is still under construction. There will be at least 50 articles here when it is finished, Insha'llah.

The Fight for the Soul of Islam in America The Call of the Creator of Earth and Light
Getting to Know A Friend: My Introduction to Islam   What Kind of Islam Will Last in America?
Keeping the Spirit Alive How Did You Accept Islam?
So What About Families? One Night Under the Moon: Dedicated to Bosnia and Kosovo
Muslim Schools: A View From Inside Survival of the Fittest
Moving Beyond Theory The Space Age and the Future of Islam
Just What are the Youth Thinking Anyway? The War of the Women
Building a Better Da'wah Program Interesting Theological Questions to Ponder
A Welcome Place The Confusion of the Scholars
Demanding Professionalism in Our Masajid What Needs to be Done for the Future?
Living Islam in America Learning to Breath
Reading and a Stable Identity A Time to Speak
Building a Stable Market for Muslim Authors The Irony of Ironies
How to Make America An Islamic Nation Ten Things Every Muslim Must Do
  Breaking the Cycle The Future of Islam in America
The Growth of the Islamic Market in the West An Interesting Net Article on Pre-teen Dress
  What I'll Be Thinking About this Ramadan   Understanding the Long Term
  Working in Muslim Schools (1997 Journal Article)   Some Advice for Muslims in the West
  Getting to the Root of Things   Islamic Schools: A Continuing Dialogue
 Why Muhammad (p) is Different  The Ways of Our Fathers

Islamic Fiction: A Worthwhile Struggle


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