New Textbook for Learning Juz 'Amma

by Yahiya Emerick

For grades 3-6 

The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for Kids





This book is designed for grades 3-6.  It has all 37 surahs of Juz 'Amma in English translation with engaging graphics. 

It has review questions and activities for each surah.  The full transliteration is included for learning purposes.  The Arabic text is not present as this is meant to be a disposable textbook for learning the concepts taught in each surah.  (If you want a version of this book WITH the Arabic text, click here.)


Two ways to order

                                        1.  Amazon (eligible for free shipping)

                                        2.  The IFNA Bookstore. Use Code DV29CGC8 to get 25% off, any quantity.



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