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As of 4/25/15

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As of 11/30/14


Now Available!

Full Color Qur'an Translation for Little Kids!

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Spider goes to School (Spider and Friends Adventures) (Volume 1)

New storybook available


As of 11/15/2014

We are working on a full color Qur'an designed for really small kids - one that parents can read to them and for storytime.  Inshallah it will be ready soon.


We have completed a book to teach Juz 29.

It has the Arabic text, English translation, transliteration, questions, crosswords puzzles and mazes, along with kid-friendly graphics.

The Holy Qur'an for Kids - Juz Tabarak: A Textbook for School Children with English and Arabic Text (Volume 2)


As of 1/16/14

We have a new crossword and word search book out.

We also have a whole bunch of our children's books now in French and Spanish editions, both paperback and in Kindle ebook form.

Spanish Print Books

French Print Books

Spanish Ebooks

French Ebooks

Finally, we have one of our Qur'an editions on the iBookstore.  It came out really, really nice, alhumdulillah!


As of 1/7/14

Our Qur'an for School Children is now an Ebook!

We had to break it up into 4 volumes to get it on the Amazon Kindle.


We also got a new book for children in the French language.  Go to the bookstore and check it out!

Finally, we completely revamped many of our Kindle titles so they look exactly the same as print editions.


As of 12/27/13

We've released kindle versions of two books:

My First Holy Qur'an and The Holy Qur'an for Kids: Juz 'Amma

They look great, with full graphics and identical to the print editions.



As of 12/03/13

We just released a new book for grades 2-4 entitled, "My First Holy Qur'an"

This book explores the teachings of the Qur'an through the lens of the Emaan ul Mufassil.

Features include: poems about Qur'anic teachings, translations of key passages of the Qur'an, coloring pages, word searches and other activities.

See it here at Amazon.  You can also order it here.

The book is 196 pages of great Islamic teaching and activities - you will not find any book like this, anywhere, for Muslim kids in lower elementary.


As of 11/27/13

We are pleased to introduce French language translations of some of our books. 

The first titles we are now offering are children's books.

See it here:



Noorart has produced an updated Juz Amma textbook for middle school students.

This one comes with introductory fiction stories to illustrate the lessons of the surah, and it also comes with a learning CD.

See it here and also here:


We are also still working on the French edition of "What Islam is All About" and also are completing work on a Qur'an activity book for grades KG-2.


As of 10/01/13

We are still typesetting our French translation of "What Islam is All About."


Noorart Published the first of a three part series of Islamic Studies!  This series expands and levels some of Br. Yahiya's previous textbooks so they fit nicely into grades 6, 7 and 8.



As of 3/17/13


We opened a new page called Ebay Deals.
Here we offer great deals on bulk purchases of Qur'ans for both children and adults, including our full translation for children - the only one in the world!

We are also working on a French translation of "What Islam is All About."


As of 12/24/12

There is a new Korean language translation of: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam."

It is published under license by the Samyang Media Co. of Seoul, South Korea.



As of 12/19/12

We have more books on the Nook, as well as some books on the Apple store.

We're working on a French translation of What Islam is All About.


As of 9-22-2012

We were able to get our Spanish translation of our popular hadith book up on the Kindle!  See it here:

En El Camino del Santo Profeta (Spanish Edition)


As of 6-13-2012 - New Qur'an translation option.

We took our popular translation and tafseer (The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an in today's English) and repackaged it in a more 'artsy' way.  Some font sizes were enlarged, though to do this we had to take out the seerah chapter from the front section and the three sections of biographies from the appendices.  All other materials are retained, including the asbab ul nuzul, footnotes, chapter commentaries, etc.  For now you can buy it by clicking the picture and following the link to our supplier bookstore (which is also owned by Amazon).  828 pages, 7 x 10 in size.

The Guidance of the Holy Qur'an

As of 5-22-2012 - Revamped Book

We changed the cover and redid the insides, adding the asbab ul nuzul.  (Before it was just the main text only, but many people suggested the asbab ul nuzul would add to its usefulness.)  It is now over seven hundred pages, as opposed to 500 pages before.  Very attractively put together too!

The Holy Qur'an


As of 5-15-2012  - New Textbook style book for upper elementary (Surah 12)

The Story of Yusuf: Chapter 12 of the Holy Qur'an


As of 4-14-2012

Three new books printed!  Two other new books in Spanish including a book of spiritual hadiths!




As of 2-14-12

We just published two Islamic story books in the Spanish language.  See them here.  Our intention is to get all of our books into Spanish within the next couple of years, inshallah.


As of 12-10-11

New Translation of the Qur'an geared towards middle school level.  Complete with graphics and reasons for revelation.





Many people have been asking about the availability of "My First Book About Islam".  We are working to get it back in print.  It is still available out there, but you have to search for it.  I know that sounds like a mystery.  Rest assured we're working to get it printed over here again.  We also have a KG and grade 1 book in the works in the same style.  (If a day was more than 24 hours...)


As of 9-25-11

1.  We have a new, large type edition of one of our Qur'an versions out now.  Several brothers and sisters were requesting this and alhumdulillah it's here.  See it in our bookstore.

2.  We have completed a larger type edition of our main version of the Qur'an (the one with over 3,000 footnotes and tons of resource material).  "The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an in Today's English" boasts a much larger font size both for the resources and footnotes.  Because of the huge number of pages (1,530) we had to break it up into three volumes.  Each volume must be ordered separately.  Ordering information is posted in our bookstore.

3.  The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for Kids.  Juz Amma textbook with Arabic  (For grades 3-6)

4.  Interview with Br. Yahiya Emerick

5.  Our Qur'an translation available on the Nook!

6.  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam - 3rd Edition  (Revised, streamlined, better for da'wah)


Our Upcoming Projects!

As many of you are aware, we have many projects in the pipeline.  Books that are expected in the near future are as follows:


1.  The Life of Muhammad, the Last Prophet of Allah.  A seerah textbook for the high school level.  (In progress)


2.  Ahmad Deen and the Castle of Doom.  Yes, the much anticipated volume three in the Ahmad Deen series!  (Due in the winter of 2012.)


3.  A new novel by Reshma Baig set in India in the era of the Nawabs.  (Due in the Winter of 2011)


4.  A reading textbook for grades 5-7 to replace non-Muslim oriented reading textbooks.  (Tentative)


5 The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for Kids: Juz Tabarak.  Status: In progress


6.  Understanding Islam Today.  By Yahiya Emerick.  A book of worksheet activities for use in Islamic studies classrooms.  Status: 25% done.  (Due in the summer of 2012.)

7.  The Qur'an as/in Literature.  (A textbook of Qur'anic studies as expressed throughout history)

8.  My First Book About Eman.  A first grade textbook similar to the book, My First Book About Islam.  Status: typesetting.


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