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The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an for School Children


The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an for School Children– an absolute must have book by Yahiya Emerick for every household. This is the best children’s tafseer book I have come across. Previously, I thought Ad-Duha mini tafseer books were really good mashaAllah. But, this book offers a number of advantages: It is simple, easy to understand and yet provides all the background information, history and story behind every ayah revealed. It uses powerful, elegant and effective vocabulary throughout with simple lessons to take away from each verse. It has got little illustrations to make it more attractive and suitable for all children between the ages of 7-16 year old to read independently. You can read it out to the younger ones and discuss the meanings together. I often read it for my own self and found it so so beneficial mashaAllah.




A Gift from God to English Speaking Muslim Children Aug. 30 2014
By Angela Ayaz - Published on
Format: Paperback


As a home schooling mother of six, I have searched for a Qur'an accessible to my children. I wanted them to be able to sit and read the Qur'an without needing to have a dictionary next to them. As a revert, I fondly remembered the children's Bibles from my childhood and wished for someone to translate a Qur'an in a similar way. Yahiya Emerick, may God be well pleased with him, has made my dreams come true. What a blessing of God! The entire Qur'an, translated into a child's language level, with pictures and introductions to each surah, and explanations in sidebars of important concepts. Not just the stories of a few prophets, or just a chapter, but the entire Qur'an, 800 plus pages, translated into a child's level. My husband volunteers with Muslim prisoners in our local jail, and I can easily see him using this with new reverts or American born Muslims who don't have the education to be able to read and understand the Qur'an's typically available in prison. Thank God for this book! Well worth every single penny- buy several and give them as gifts to your revert friends, non- Arabic speaking children, your local library, your local children's hospital chapel, anyone and everyone. This should be a gift to every English speaking Muslim child as soon as they learn to read, and at every Muslim baby shower in the English speaking world. I cannot say enough good things- subhanallah!