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Islamic History


Main Focus:  To find information concerning the history of Islam, Muslims and Muslim civilization.  The major historical periods to note are as follows:

1.  History of the Prophet Muhammad (p)
2.  The Khulafa ar Rashidun.  Abu Bakr, 
     Umar, Uthman and 'Ali.
3.  The Ummayids.
4.  The Abbasids.
5.  The Seljuks, the Crusades, the 
     Saffavids, Mamluks, and Fatimids.
6.  The Mongols and Mughals.
7.  The Ottomans.
8.  Colonialism by Europeans.
9.  Liberation struggles.
10.  Contemporary states and Islamic 

1.  A Biography of Prophet Muhammad (p)

2. Muhammad (p)

Muslim Women in History
Detailed Outlines of Islamic History Islamic Art, Music, And Architecture Around The World
Images from Muslim History and the Crusades Arabic and Islamic Architecture

Turkey, the Ottomans and Muslims in Eastern Europe

The Ottoman Empire

Islamic History

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