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Islam in America


Main Focus:  To find information on the growth and history of Muslims on the North American Continent.  The main periods you should take note of are:

1.  The early Muslim explorers from Spain and West Africa who reached the North American Continent hundreds of years before Columbus.

2.  The Voyage of Columbus in which many Muslims, known as Moriscos, took part.

3.  The Spanish explorers, some of whom were Muslims who had to keep their identity a secret.

4.  The era of slavery in which Europeans enslaved millions of Africans and brought them to the Americas.  Almost half of those kidnapped people were Muslims.

5.  The era of slave resistance and efforts to keep Islam alive.

6.  The beginnings of Arab, Albanian, Turkish and Bosnian migration to America in the 19th and 20th centuries.

7.  The early Black Nationalist Movements, Noble Drew Ali, Wallace Fard, etc...

8.  The Nation of Islam struggle through the coming of Orthodox Islam with Warith Deen Muhammad.

9.  Immigrant movements from the Middle East and the Subcontinent.

10.  The struggle of current Islamic communities to fight discrimination and religious bigotry.

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