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The 5 Pillars


Main Focus:  Exploring the main practices of Islam collectively known as the 5 Pillars of Islam.

These 5 practices are: Shahadah, or the Testimony of Faith.  Salah, or Prayer.  Zakah, or Charity.  Siyam (Saum) or Fasting.  Hajj or Pilgrimage to Mecca.


The Hajjis are performing Salah in Mecca in front of the Holy Ka'bah.  In their Salah they mention the Shahadah several times.  Thus three of the pillars are being performed at the same time!

The Shahada (Testification)

The Shahada

The Significance of Shahada

Reflections on La Ilaha Illa Allah

Wudu & Salah

A Guide to Wudu

Is Your Ghusl Correct?

The Obligatory Prayers

Learn the Salah

Performing Salah

The Fundamentals of Fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan on the Net


Performing Hajj & Umrah

The Hajj Information Center

Hajj and Hajj-e-Badal

How to Perform Hajj


Hajj and 'Umrah Homepage

Hajj Information Center

Hajj-Umrah Information

Hajj Information Center


Zakah: The Fallen Pillar of Islam

An Example of calculation of Zakah

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