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Main Focus:  To explore and understand the people who learned from the Prophet Muhammad (p) directly and lived and worked in the cause of Islam during that first blessed era.  The Sahaba can be classified into these three levels:

1.  Those who were closest to the Prophet (p) from the first days in Mecca such as Khadijah, Abu Bakr, Fatimah and Bilal.
2.  Those who accepted Islam in Medina or later after Mecca was liberated.
3.  Those who heard and/or saw the Prophet (p) only briefly in any period.

Umm Salamah   Ai'shah bint Abi Bakr
Abu Hurairah Asma' bint Abi Bakr

The Life of Khadijah


Biographies of the Companions (Sahaba) Jafar ibn Abi Talib

Companions of The Prophet

The Sahaba

Sa'id ibn Zayd

Companions of The Prophet

Fatimah bint Muhammad

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